Alejandro Schuler


Research Intereststop

Born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, I have always been surrounded by scientific and technological achievement. I gained an interest in complex dynamical systems while working on my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley through my work in control theory and bioengineering. In 2012, I began my master’s in ME at UCLA and joined Dr. Ho’s lab with the intent to apply my coursework focus in controls to my research interests in systems biology. My current project involves the optimal control of pattern formation in a reaction-diffusion system.
My research interests are optimal control, distributed systems, non-linear optimization.


M.Sc. Student, UCLA
B.S. UC Berkeley

Work Experiencetop

Researcher, UC Berkeley Mofrad Lab 2010-2012

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Mailing Address:
15-155 Engineering IV
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: (310) 825-8275
Fax: (310) 825-1350
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