Dr. Gauvain Haulot

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I was born in Paris, France, where I lived and studied until bachelor level. I went to high-school and attended “classes préparatoires” at Lycée Louis-le-Grand (Paris, France). “Classes préparatoires” consist in intense courses in mathematics, physics, and chemistry; they prepare to the competitive entrance exams for the French “Grandes Écoles”. I received a “diplôme d’ingénieur”—equivalent to bachelor degree—from École Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France) in 2006. I had studied physics, computer science, mathematics, and economics, and my major was in fluid mechanics with an emphasis on small scale phenomena. After a research internship at Imperial College (London, UK) in 2006, where I was modeling heat transfers in microfluidic devices for PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in the research group of Professor Andrew deMello, I moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a Ph.D. at UCLA. Under the guidance of professor Chih-Ming Ho, I received a Master’s Degree in micro/nano technologies in 2007 and will receive a Ph.D. in June 2011. During my doctoral studies, I developed a novel microfluidic platform, where microfluidic flows are instantaneously controlled by light patterns. I also completed a team project consisting in optimizing an algae culture environment for biofuel production based on search algorithms for Feedback System Control (FSC). In parallel to my research, I have studied solar cells, solid state physics, and technology business.

Research Intereststop

My doctoral main research project has consisted in developing a new technology providing light-controlled creation, annihilation, and reconfiguration of microchannels within seconds. Optoelectronic reconfigurable microchannels (OERM) are operated as follow: a light pattern of a microchannel network is projected onto an optoelectronic reconfigurable chip containing frozen liquid resulting in the formation of corresponding microchannels; when the light pattern is modified, the microchannel network reconfigures accordingly. Such device is based on an optoelectronic effect requiring low optical power and providing fast reconfiguration. It transfers the high flexibility of light patterns in terms of size, shape, and timing to microfluidic networks. Current investigation of multiphase flows pave the way for advanced microfluidic applications. OERM remove the need of on-chip plumbing; thanks to their unprecedented capabilities, it is believed that they will highly impact the field of microfluidics.
OERM rely on the synergistic control of several physical effects: optics, solid state physics, photovoltaics, microfabrication, heat transfers, phase transition, and microfluidics. Therefore, such project gave me the opportunity to investigate the related fields. I was also part of the team that initiated algae culture in the UCLA Micro Systems Laboratories. We are currently working on the optimization of algae culture environments for biofuel production. It relies on feedback system control strategies developed in our research group. In relation to this project, another of my research interests is complex systems.


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 2007 – present; expected June 2011
     Major Field: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) & Nanotechnology
     Minor Fields: Solid State Physics, Solar Cells, Technology Business
University of California, Los Angeles, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2006 – 2007
University of California, Los Angeles, Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science

Diplôme d’Ingénieur, 2003 – 2006
     Major Field 1: Fluid Mechanics—emphasis on small scale phenomena
     Major Field 2: Simulation and Modeling
     Intense Courses in: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics
École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France

Work Experiencetop

Graduate Student Researcher, Prof. Chih-Ming Ho’s Micro Systems Laboratory, UCLA, Los Angeles, California (2006 – present)
     • Research Assistant, National Science Foundation, USA (since 2008)
     • Reviewer of International Journals (since 2008)
     • Teaching Assistant, UCLA, Mechanical Engineering Department (2007)
     • Super-User and Trainer, UCLA Nanoelectronic Research Facility (NRF)

Research InternProf. Andrew deMello’s research group, Imperial College, London, UK (2006)
Modelled a microfluidic device for Polymerase Chain Reaction

Field Intern (Spanish-Speaking Factory)Serviequipos, Quito, Ecuador (August 2005)

Project ManagerHélion, Fuel-cell Maker, group AREVA (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Led a team of six students to develop passive cooling techniques in fuel cells

Lieutenant, French Army, (Nogent-le-Rotrou, France)
Co-headed a military fireman training platoon, regiment for large-scale intervention on natural disasters

Patents and Publicationstop

“Optoelectronic Reconfigurable Microchannels Platform”, U.S. Provisional Patent 61/430,939.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings:
G. Haulot, A.J. Benahmed, and C.M. Ho, Optoelectronic Reconfigurable Microchannels, Proc. of 24th IEEE MEMS 2011, 53 – 56 (2011)

International Conference Presentations:
G. Haulot, A.J. Benahmed, and C.M. Ho, “Optoelectronic Reconfigurable Microchannels”, Oral presentation for the 24th Annual IEEE International Conference on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS’11), Cancun, Mexico (2011)

Workshop Presentations:
1. G. Haulot, A.J. Benahmed, and C.M. Ho, “Optoelectronic Reconfigurable Microchannels”, Poster presentation for SINAM Center workshop, Berkeley, CA (2011).
2. G. Haulot, A.J. Benahmed, and C.M. Ho, “Optoelectronic Melting and Microchannel Reconfiguration”, Oral presentation for UCLA – Nagoya University Symposium, Hawaii, HI (2009).
3. G. Haulot, A.J. Benahmed, and C.M. Ho, “Reconfigurable Microchannels”, Poster presentation for SINAM Center workshop, Berkeley, CA (2009).

Awards and Honorstop

Carnot Foundation Fellowship (since 2006)
UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Fellowship (2006 – 2007)

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Mailing Address:
15-155 Engineering IV
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Phone: (310) 825-9540
Fax: (310) 825-1350
Email: gauvain at ucla.edu