Xiaolu Zhu


Research Intereststop

1. Self-organized three dimensional (3D) patterns of cells for regenerative medicine
We investigated the pattern formation mechanisms in multipotent cells embedded in 3D matrix and the control methodology for self-organized patterns. We experimentally demonstrated several topological 3D-pattern formations by cells in hydrogels, which might be interpreted by mathematical models. The studies on 3D pattern formation of cells have a broad perspective in vascular disease treatment and regenerative medicine.

2. Multicellular self-assembling in 2D culture.
We experimentally and theoretically study the self-assembling behaviors of different cells in 2D culture.

3.Micro/nano particle manipulation in microfluidics
I worked in the microfluidics and MEMS-related research area. Specifically, I studied fundamental mechanisms for micro/nano particle manipulation in microfluid and the design/fabrication principle of microdevices. My fundamental research work mainly includes the microelectrode-based a.c. electrokinetics and photoconductive/photothermal-effect induced electrokinetics for particle or fluid manipulation. In applied research, I have designed and fabricated various microdevices for micro/nano particle/nanowire characterization and manipulation applications.


University of California, Los Angele 2011-Date
Visiting Ph.D. candidate (Dr. C.M. Ho group)
Research work: mechanism and control scheme for self-organized multicellular structures in 3D matrices

Southeast University
Ph.D. student ( 2009-2011)
School of Mechanical Engineering & Jiangsu Key Laboratory for design and manufacture of micro-nano biomedical instruments.
Research work: AC electrokinetics in micro/nano system; Microfluidics for micro-nano particle manipulation.

Master student (2007-2009)
Research work: AC electrokinetics in micro/nano system

Southeast University (2003-2007)
B.E. Mechanical Engineering. Ranking top 4 in all undergraduates in school of mechanical engineering and entering the graduate college of Southeast University without examination.

Work Experiencetop

Visiting Research work(Sep 2011-date)
• Multi-Cellular structure formation of vascular stem cells in 2D and 3D environments; Study on the mechanism of cellular self-organization; Exploring the possible control methods for 3D pattern formation in hyaluronic acid(HA) hydrogel.
Graduate Research Assistant (Aug 2007 – Aug 2011)
• Experimental and theoretical analysis on the microparticle motions under the action of electrode-based and light-induced AC electrokinetics;
• Preliminary study on the inertial effect in microfluidics;
• Theoretical and experimental analysis on the frequency-dependent behaviors of micro particles in optically induced DEP (ODEP) device;
• Dynamics simulation for the micro particle manipulation using optically induced dielectrophoresis (ODEP) and the implementation of various modes of ODEP experiments;
• Assisted in funding proposal preparation;
• Frequent presentations in seminars and international conferences;
• Joint reviewer with supervisor for scientific journals
• Mentoring graduate/undergraduate students and collaborations with other research institutions.
Undergraduate Research Assistant (Sep 2006 – Jul 2007)
• Worked on numerical simulations for the dielectrophoretic microparticle manipulation in microfluidic system.
• Constructed the experimental platform for dielectric characterization of bioparticles.

Patents and Publicationstop

Journal articles:
1. Ting-Hsuan Chen, Xiaolu Zhu, Leiting Pan, Xingjuan Zeng, Alan Garfinkel, Yin Tintut, Linda L. Demer, Xin Zhao and Chih-Ming Ho*.Directed Tissue Morphogenesis via Self-Assembly of Vascular Mesenchymal Cells. Biomaterials, 2012, 33: 9019-9026.
2.Xiaolu Zhu, Zhifeng Yin and Zhonghua Ni. Dynamics simulation of positioning and assembling multi-microparticles utilizing optoelectronic tweezers. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2012, 12:529–544.
3. Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi and Zhonghua Ni. Frequency-dependent behaviors of individual microscopic particles in an optically induced dielectrophoresis device. Biomicrofluidics, 2010, 4:013202.
4. Xiaolu Zhu, Zhiqiang Gao, Zhifeng Yin and Zhonghua Ni. Electrode-rail dielectrophoretic assembly effect: formation of single curvilinear particle-chains on spiral microelectrodes. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2010, 9(4-5): 981-988
5. Nan Xiang, Xiaolu Zhu and Zhonghua Ni. Application of inertial effect in microfluidic chips. Progress in Chemistry, 2011, 23(9): 1945-1958
6. Xiaolu Zhu, Zhifeng Yin, Zhiqiang Gao and Zhonghua Ni. Experimental study on filtering, transporting, concentrating and focusing of microparticles based on optically induced dielectrophoresis. Science China-Technological Sciences, 2010, 53(9): 2388-2396
7. Ke Chen, Nan Xiang, Yunlin Quan, Xiaolu Zhu, Dongke Sun, Hong Yi and Zhonghua Ni. Directed transport and location-designated rotation of nanowires using ac electric fields. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2013, published online, DOI: 10.1007/s10404-013-1203-z
8. Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni. Numerical analysis of the mechanism of a novel microchip based on dielectrophoresis for measuring dielectric parameters of cells (in Chinese). Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2009, 45(11):197-204.
9.Xiaolu Zhu and Zhonghua Ni. Measurement of permittivity of biological particles based on electrorotation (in Chinese). Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition), 2007, 37(5): 861-866. (Cited by 1)
10. Yan Chang, Xiaolu Zhu, Zhonghua Ni. Path planning for light-induced dielectrophoretic manipulation of micro-particles. Journal of Southeast University (English Edition), 2011, 27(4):388-393.
11. Li Zhang, Xiaolu Zhu and Zhonghua Ni. Dielectric parameter solving algorithm in electrorotation analysis of spherical cells (in Chinese). Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition), 2012, 42(2):280-285.

Conference papers:
1. Ting-Hsuan Chen, Leiting Pan, Xiaolu Zhu and Chih-Ming Ho. Tissue Morphology Controlled by Micropatterning and Self-assembly of Vascular Mesenchymal Cells. 8th IEEE-NEMS. April 2013.
2. Xiaolu Zhu. Active Manipulation and self-assembly of biological micro/nano particles. East Lake International Forum on Frontiers of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, Qct. 2012.
3. Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni. Novel Design of Multiphase Optoelectronic Microfluidic Device for Dielectric Characterization of Single Biological or Colloidal Particles. 2009 IEEE ICME International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering. In Tempe, USA, 2009:542-547.
4. Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni and Xingzhong Gu. Automatic Separation of Microscopic Particles via Optoelectronic Chip and Associated Platform. The 2009 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation. In Changchun, China, 2009.8:3140-3144
5. Xiaolu Zhu and Zhonghua Ni. Multi-mode DEP Chip for dielectric phenotype of micro-nano particles. Academic Conference for Anniversary of Southeast University, 2009

PATENTS ( 9 China invention patents have been issued )
1. Issued China Invention Patent: A measuring chip and method for dielectric properties of bio-particles (ZL200810020656.4). Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni.
2. Issued China Invention Patent: Low-cost cellular positioning arrangement chip and application method. Southeast University (ZL200910032740.2). Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, and Zhonghua Ni.
3. Issued China Invention Patent: Micron-nano-sized single particle impedance spectroscopy measurement chip and measuring method (ZL200910213589.2). Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni.
4. Issued China Invention Patent: Integrated dielectric phenotype apparatus for micro-nano particles. (ZL200810021457.5). Pub. No. CN101344518, Publ. Date: 14 Jan 2009. Inventors: Hong Yi, Xiaolu Zhu and Zhonghua Ni.(The first inventor is my Supervisor)
5. Issued China Invention Patent: Low dimensional nano-structure assembly chip via dielectrophoresis. (ZL200910031319.X), Inventors: Hong Yi, Xiaolu Zhu, and Zhonghua Ni. (First inventor is my Supervisor)
6. Issued China Invention Patent: Method for carrying out streaming counting sort by utilizing micro light pattern (ZL201010018216.2), Inventors: Yan Chang, Xiaolu Zhu, Yi Hong, and Zhonghua Ni.
7. Issued China Invention Patent: Method for dielectric characterization of micro-nano biological particle by optoelectronic force(ZL200810195086.2), Inventors: Yi Hong, Xiaolu Zhu and Zhonghua Ni.(The first inventor is my Supervisor)
8. Issued China Invention Patent: High flux test chip of single cell traveling wave dielectric spectrum and test method (ZL200810100791.X). Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni
9. Issued China Invention Patent: A multi-mode micro mixer and the associated high-throughput and flexible mixing method(ZL201010600719.0). Inventors: Nan Xiang, Ke Chen, Xiaolu Zhu, and Zhonghua Ni.
10. Pending China Invention Patent: Micro-nano particle electrorotation chip based on light mode virtual electrode as well as operation method thereof. Pub. No. CN101281192A, 8 Oct. 2008. Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni.
11. Pending China Invention Patent: Gating switch array. Pub.No. CN102136393A, 27Jul. 2011. Inventors: Ke Chen, Zhonghua Ni, Xiaolu Zhu and Nan Xiang.
12. China Utility Model: Measuring chip for dielectric properties of bio-particles. Grant No. ZL 200820032552.0, Pub. Date: 19 Nov 2008. Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni.
13. China Utility Model: Micro-nano particle electrorotation chip with electric rotary cavity size and position flexibly changeable. Grant No. ZL 200820116079. Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi , Zhonghua Ni
14. China Utility Model: High flux measurement chip based on dielectrophoresis. Grant No. ZL 200820116080.7, Pub. Date: 28 Jan. 2009. Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi and Zhonghua Ni.
15. China Utility Model: Micro-nano single particle impedance spectrum measuring chip. Grant No. 200920256718.1, Pub. Date: 21 Ju. 2010.Inventors: Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Zhonghua Ni.
16. Software Copyright: Cellular Parameter Solving via dielectrophoretic method (2010SR028926). Li Zhang, Zhonghua Ni, Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Southeast University.
17. Software Copyright: Dielectrophoretic Manipulation System (2010SR021484). Zhonghua Ni, Yan Chang, Xiaolu Zhu, Hong Yi, Southeast University.
More Details can be retrieved on the website of State Intellectual Property Office of P. R. China http://www.sipo.gov.cn/zljs/

Awards and Honorstop

1. National scholarship for Ph.D students from Ministry of Education of the P. R. China, 2012
2. Joint Ph.D. Training Scholarship from China Scholarship Council, 2011
3. National Academic Award for Ph.D students by Ministry of Education of the P. R. China, 2010
4. Jiangsu Province Graduate Innovative Research Fellowship, 2010
5. Ph.D Degree Scholarship by Southeast University, 2009
6. First prize of Second-year Master Scholarship by Southeast University, 2008
7. First prize of first-year Master Scholarship by Southeast University, 2007
8. First Prize for the undergraduates’ thesis in Jiangsu Province, 2007
9. First Prize in the Student Scientific and Technological Exhibition of Southeast University, 2007
10. Second Prize in the Jiangsu Provincial Robocup Contest, 2006
11. Third Prize in the National Mechanical Innovative Design Competition, 2006
12. First Prize in Jiangsu Provincial Mechanical Innovative Design Competition, 2006
13. Second Prize in the 3rd Southeast University Mechanical Innovative Design Contest, 2005
14. Third Prize in the 2nd Southeast University Dynamics Contest, 2005

Contact Infotop

Mailing Address:
18-111 Engineering IV
420 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Phone: (310) 825-8275
Fax: (310) 825-1350
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